Idle Smash Heroes

One of the most popular Pixel Idle Adventure RPG game in Asia is now available on Google Play Store in English! Download now for limited time free bonuses! Join players from around the world! Evolve your hero on the journey to explore mysterious lands! Recruit champions, fight intense battles, build your own town, and take part in fun PVP clan wars!IDLE SMASH HEROES - a game like no-other with hundreds of things to do. A true mobile RPG experience!GAME FEATURES:IDLE RPG GAMEPLAYIt is completely up to you how long you want to play! Jump in for a few minutes (or a few hours) and manage your heroes to increase their skills and power. Explore hidden cavern, get new recruits, construct new towns, become an emperor. Or just chill and chat with your friends. But if you are busy today, don't worry! The game's design is to keep you progressing with other players on the server. Your heroes will earn new levels and collect resources while you are away.COLLECT YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERSThere are over 500-pixel heroes to choose from inspired by real cultural references! You can focus on your own custom-made hero or gather the ultimate army! Each hero has its own unique story and unique sets of skills. If you are into animated pixel art, you will have a blast!FULL CUSTOMIZATIONEach of 500+ characters has different classes. Some of them are archer, assassin, healer, warrior, and mage. It is up to you how you want to evolve your heroes. Do you like to play classic arch-class or do you like to have a hybrid class such as a paladin or a war mage? SUMMON your pixel heroes. TRAIN them with unique skills. FEED them with the food they like most. CRAFT the gear to improve their power. MATCH them with alike heroes to work as a team and unlock special bonuses. ENCHANT them using the magic materials. LOOT your enemies for gold & glory! There are billions of possible combinations!EPIC ADVENTUREExperience & Explore a journey with mysterious dungeons, random encounters, and humorous roleplay dialogues. Avoid traps and fight epic bosses to collect legendary equipment. Use the loot to craft gear or disenchant them for magical dust. Join in daily for RPG quests to unlock more levels and thousands of events to keep you engaged!BUILD YOUR CASTLEOnce you reach level 150, you find a suitable land that you like. It allows you to settle down and become a general of your own castle! Improving the castle and buildings around it will grant you extra bonuses. If you are into PVP clan wars, you can fight others to become a king of the nation or even make your city into an empire!PVP GUILD WARSPlay alone or with friends! There are many PVP events to choose from, from nation and territory wars to arena and PVP contests. You can duel against your friends or bring your whole armies and lead them to conquer!Questions? Contact our support by sending an email to
License Free
Version 1.71
Operating System Android