Guns of Survivor

Guns of Survivor is an action shooting mobile game with double joystick and endless freedom. You will play the role of a survivor of the last days, fighting your way out of zombies and traps. During the battle, you may collect thousands of components such as barrels, gunstocks, gunbodies, etc., and customize your exclusive firearms through free combination.AIM and SHOOT! Survival in a virus ravaged world!How to play?1. Explore the map, avoid the traps, kill the monsters, and claim the rewards2. Find and kill the BOSS, and get chest rewards3. Collect firearms and components, create your own weaponsFeatures:1. Simple Control - Third person perspective2. 12 uniquely designed bosses waiting to be challenged3. 1000+ weapon upgrades, create your exclusive weapons4. 50 kinds of traps and pits, over 100 monsters of differernt characteristics5. 3 talent trees, customize how and where you growTips:1. Pay attention to the barresl on the streets, and you may get more rewards for breaking them2. Watch out for the mines under your feet3. Mystery businessman sells rare goods4. Choose weapons of differnt ranges to deal with different enemies
Operating System Android