Modern Arcana Alpha

The world as we know it has been overthrown by animals that have mutated into people eating monsters. Only small towns remain in a post apocalyptic scenario where you must help scientists discover the crutch of this evil uprising.This is the Alpha version of a simple birds eye view rogue-like adventure. This version was developed in a couple of months by a single person, myself. Feel free to play the game, and tell me what you think. If you find a glitch that you want to report, please take a look at the known glitches section below before taking action. Thanks!Known Glitches-------------------------Monsters can drop items in barriersMonsters can get stuck in housesSeeing Monsters While inside buildingMonster, Player & Obstacles aren't properly LayeredObstacles will often flash back and forthweapons go through buildingsSometimes key buildings don't spawnAt a certain distance from Spawn, towns cause world not to load-----------------Feel free to check out my other games, follow me on Twitter @playingwcolor,or check out my YouTube channel Playing with Color.
Operating System Android