It is year 2020, 2 months ago a deadly virus began spreading like wildfire across the globe. Early on there was hope, governments combined and were working on a cure, at least that's what they said. We were told via an emergency broadcast, sent to all TV & radio stations to lock the doors, shut the windows and stay inside until further notice. Military personnel from various countries were dispatched to protect each city that still housed survivors. All we could hear were helicopters flying overhead, gun shots & explosions in the distance.They rounded us up and ran tests on all of us, ensuring that we weren't infected. We were told we're being transported somewhere safe, an enormous city that was walled off from the rest of the world, a place we could once again call home. It was like paradise for the first couple weeks, we all had our own apartments, more than enough supplies for a long while. Depending on our experience we were assigned jobs, some people did basic maintenance and upkeep of the city, some were in charge of protecting the walls, making sure the zombies are kept at bay.About a month in, all hell broke loose. People were tired of waiting for a cure that was clearly never coming, military personnel were seen leaving in large amounts. Gangs were created in forms of Safehouses, seemingly replacing the military that had basically abandoned us. There were constant attacks between Safehouses and their members, each group trying to gain respect to bolster their ranking within the city. The military were far too late to react to this sudden increase of violence within their own city walls, while attempting to thin the herd of zombies that were quickly approaching the city.Thanks to the havoc these Safehouses created, the military evacuated the area, leaving us completely in charge of the city, while also defending it. In between the waves of mindless zombie attacks, survivors frequently come to us looking for a safe place to stay. This is where your story begins, will you create your own Safehouse, or join an existing one? Will you be a risk taker and explore and scavenge outside of the city to build a fortune? Will you hit the gym to become a person feared yet respected by your peers? These are all questions you must answer.
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android