Romance: Interactive Stories lets YOU choose your story and make choices that can make the story YOURS. Every choice in this interactive story game can take your story in a whole new direction. Immerse yourself in many different romance and drama themed stories!Wouldn't it be great if YOU were the star of your own favorite romance story and get to make choices? Romance: Interactive Stories puts you in the center of different romance and drama themed choice games where every choice can have you falling in love, stirring up drama or revealing new heartbreaks. From the classic high school love story to the royal bad boy romance, Romance: Interactive Stories has it all and let's YOU choose YOUR story.PLAY A Crime of Fashion: As an aspiring fashion writer, YOU love to be in the fashion industry and dream to be working at the hottest fashion magazines. What's the catch? You have to work for one of the worst bosses in the world. Can you survive your new dream job without getting burned?PLAY A War of Roses: Your family has owned a flower shop for five generations. Due to the lack of funds and growing competition, your family's shop is almost ready to be signed over to the mega corporation that's buying up every mom-and-pop florists. Can YOU revive your family business and save it from going under!?PLAY Queen B: On your first day of high school, you meet the hottest guy at school and awesome new friends, but drama is in full swing when you become enemies with the popular cheerleaders and framed for the theft of the school's prized possession.PLAY A Royal Romance: Your ex-boyfriend has broken your heart, but now its time for YOU to take control of your destiny and find your fairytale ending. Will you finally get to meet your prince charming!?PLAY Dead Flowers: Investigate a murder mystery and examine evidence at crime scenes, as YOU partner up with a new hotshot detective to stop a serial killer. What's the catch? You're a vampire detective and no one can know your secret, except for your best friend. Can you catch the killer before he strikes again!?Romance: Interactive Stories is by the team that loves interactive romance and drama games. We partner up with the best authors to create fun and engaging stories where you can make choices to choose your own story! Interested in writing a story for us? Send an email to support@pocketflixstudios.com with your romance or drama story idea and we'll see if it can make for a great choice game!
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