Dungeon Rankers

¦ What is Dungeon Rankers?You and 98 other NPC combatants. Randomized dungeons.Ravenous beasts. A fight to the death with only one goal:To be the last one standing when the dust settles!Outplay and outlast your rivals in this action-packed,chaos-filled, nostalgia-ridden 2D retro free-for-all!Play again and again, rack up points, and ascend theleaderboards on your way to dungeon domination!¦ Credits-GraphicsDENZI http://www3.wind.ne.jp/DENZI/diary/-FontsPixelMplusGutcruncher Font-SoundFantasy SFX for Particle Distort Texture Effect LibraryVoyager http://www.tsurishi.info/-LocalizationKevin TranCopyright(c) Dead Fish Eye All Rights Reserved.
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