Burger Shop Fast Food Cooking Chef Simulator

Missed the greatest summertime period, where you can go outside and cook some amazingly tasty burgers by yourself? This game is sure to make the time fly by! Become an exquisite cooking chef trying to make the best fast food ever - burgers! Download this Burger Shop Fast Food Cooking Chef Simulator game and enjoy its atmosphere!START YOUR COOKING CAREER- Yummy food is waiting for you... to cook it! If you like tasty simulators about donuts, pizza, sushi, pasta, sandwiches, shawarma and other fast food, try to cook burgers here!- All you need is just a place for your cooking experiments, some kitchen equipment, fresh ingredients and, of course, some chef skills;- Learn more about the real burgers cooking managing your own cafe business and trying to control this stunning fast food fever!ACHIEVE THE BEST REPUTATION IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD- People like burgers, especially when they are cooked from the freshest meat, vegetables, bread and, of course, fast;- Try to hurry up, 'cause your clients are really hungry, and when they are too much hungry, they can go mad!- Watch your ratings carefully to have your constant number of clients, and maybe someday your burger shop will become the most popular in the neighborhood!UPGRADE YOUR KITCHEN WITH NEW EQUIPMENT- For each customer's order you'll get some points with which you'll be able to unlock some interesting things for your cafe;- Maintain the right steps order in your cooking process to avoid some shameful situations and do everything well;- Enjoy juicy colors of this awesome pixel 3D graphics and try these awesome controls - they are so easy!Download Burger Shop Fast Food Cooking Chef Simulator game and be ready to challenge yourself with yummy burgers cooking!Privacy policy: https://cam97lgrm3.wixsite.com/pixelisland/single-post/2017/02/16/PIXEL-ISLAND-PRIVACY-POLICY
Operating System Android