Online Pixelmon craft PE : Story mode for android

Finally, the games on the phone reached a new level! It's not just boring games to spend time, it's real life! Survey of the world, survival in dangerous locations, flight on pixelmons, various modes and modes, real animals and pets, weather in the game, design and innovation. We present to your attention a new modern game of 2018 on your android. Let's tell you why you should choose this game with pixelmons!Craft and Build:The most important feature of this game is crafting. Collect useful minerals (diamond, iron, stone, wood) so that you can craft what you want. For this, there is an easy menu for crafting, with which absolutely everything will be handled. After you are crafting what you need, you can build any building. Poke-house, an arena for battles, a hospital, a school of fashionistas and shops. Build your own village of pixels!Pixelmons and pets:Pixelmons are funny animals that will be your friends in the game! More than 100 kinds of pixelmons in your phone. You can easily tame them with poke balls. These poke-balls are scattered throughout the cube pixel world. Find all pixelmons and catch them in your backpack. Collect your collection of pixelmons and brag about other players. In different locations (different worlds) there are different pixelmones. Flying pixelmones, water pixelmones (they live in water), stone pixelmons (they are in a dungeon or mines), fiery and electric pixels. In the game, as many ordinary animals: unicorns, cows, dogs, cats and birds. Take them to your village or farm.Beautiful landscape and special design:Explore the whole world right now. Weather in the game (snow, lightning, thunder, rain), day and night, different locations in the game (mine, mountains, sandbox, sea) and sounds in the app. Build your home to survive at night and escape from dangerous monsters. 3D graphics 1080 hd.Eta light version of the application, inspired by popular pocket-sized creative games based on blocks and voxels, gives you the ability to turn the surrounding space into a 3D environment. Build the perfect cubic world! Design a skyscraper, build a bridge, dig a tunnel. Play in a creative mode with unlimited resources that are in the depths of the cubic world.A lot of modes for the game:You are waiting for new discoveries and interesting mini games, to increase the rating. The history of mod-passing interesting quests in the mode of adventure (passing the mission to earn gold, find out all about your favorite pixelmones, find out what happened to them and discover a lot of new!) Creator mode - for you an unlimited amount of resources is available, the night will never come, an infinite number of poke balls to catch pixelmones. You will become a real hunter for pixelmons. This mode is suitable for beginners!Multi-craft and online server:You can invite your friends and play multiplayer together! Think of your clan of hunters for pixelmons, protect your village of pixelmons! Together to play more interesting! Build and craft together! Moreover, the game is absolutely free for you and your friends.Research mode - Explore the whole world, survive, fly on pixelmons, get acquainted with new players. Create your own clan, come up with the name of your pixel city and much much more!Using blocks, voxel to create your own pixel world in the desert! Adventure and exploration in a lightweight mobile game! Let's explore, dig and build in a voxel world, building on the go , Mine resources, Craft hundreds of items. Infinite world block sandbox game, giving players almost everything they would ever want to build with, and all the tools they will ever need to really get a job well done. Craft and build right now online.Our development team will always answer your questions in the mail 24 hours a day and 24/7. Download it now and play with your friends online.
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