Evolution Pixelmon mode and Exploration lite 3D

Greetings in a new role-playing game for everyone! You are waiting for a lot of interesting and exciting to pass the time! Only in this game you will meet real pixelmons! Your favorite pets in your phone! Craft, build, exploration,lite, survival and many other features of the game(mcpe,pocket edition)! Day and night follow.You need to build a faster house to protect yourself from monsters at night! In the morning, get the prey (diamond, gold, wood) and everything you need to build your poke-house! Pump up your level and skill to become a real hunter! Hunter for pixelmons and monsters! Catch them all now! Shooting and weapons (for boys) and pink cube blocks (doll toys) for girls! So, to speed up the exploration of the world, you can fly! Flight in the game! Flight to an uninhabited island of pixelmones or to a dangerous cave of monsters and villains.Your pixelmone village should be protected! Train with pixelmons, teach it abilities (magic, fight, weapons) and then your pixelmon can evolve! He will protect you, and you! The evolution of pixelmons in the game! After you are confident in yourself, go to the arena of pixelmons. In this arena there are battles. Battles with other players online! Multicraft with your friends. You can play with your friends together absolutely for free. In his village, build a training arena, a hospital, shops, a recreation center. Think of any name of your poke-city! A very simple and easy menu for crafting & building, with which all will cope.The game has a clue how and what crafting for construction! You will be able to do everything! A lot of different worlds: forest, sea, sandbox and mines. In different worlds live different pixelmons. More than 100 pixelmons in the game, which can become your pets. Catch them in your portfolio with the help of a poker player and collect your pixelmons collection. You will have the coolest collection of pixelmons in this game! Different skins for boys and girls. You can live in this game all day! Very interesting game 2018. The best study of light this season.Soon the update of the game 2.0:- Hunting for monsters in the mine- Ship and pirates on the island of pixels- Online multi-crafting with friends- Adding creator mode and fashion history- 3D battles with the use of magic- Adding weather (snow, rain, wind)- More than 50 new pixelmonsOur support will help and prompt all players around the clock! Download the game absolutely for free on your phone and be in the trend of the game world! Good luck, young pixel trainer!
Operating System Android