Pixelmon for Girls craft: Catch them all now 3D

Do you want to catch a pony or pixelmons in your collection? Are not you afraid of monsters and zombies? Like craft and build? Do you like adventure? Then this game is specially created for you! Our developers for 6 months tried to make you enjoy our game. Free and wild pixelmones (more than 40 pixels.) Find a poke ball to catch all the animals in your collection. Show off your friends to your achievement.In the game are connected online servers for multiplayer games.Visit all friends to play together.Multi game exploration and survival at night / day.At the night it is very dangerous and scary, there are zmob and wild pixelmones from the forest, sharks and water pixmons are swimming in the sea.Please choose any mod for enjoying the game.Creative mode: all the blocks are open in it to build everything! hospital, with frees, shop, as well as a free menu for crafting, with which all will cope.And infinitely the number of poker balls. History and adventures of fashion: Perform daily missions, train with pixelmones. The real evolution of pixelmons. New magic and abilities for battle. and clan clans.Playing hunters for pixelmons.Survival with limited health.Pixelmon Island: A small piece of land on which you just need to run and survive. Catch pixelmones in the backpack. Research online PE. Very simple and fun game (there is a kraft menu very easy!). Build and craft you will like.Pixelmones are fabulous animals that will become your true friends from pokey-balls.Update and featuresandboxResearch and survivalGame for the family (girl and boy craft)kraft and build game onlinecreativity mod / fashion history / evolution of modesLevel of the modeDay and night cycleMultiplayer onlineCrafting and buildingMobs and creaturesInfitity voxel worldThe best game for boys and girls with PIXELMONS 3d. Play right now for free on your Android phone with your friends. Do not forget to write to the email and our developers will answer you! Good luck!
Operating System Android