Merge Hatchimon

- Hatchimon game background -Cute monsters were living in the mysterious island that I discovered while sailing the sea.The monsters living on the island were Hatchimons hatched only from eggs!I met a doctor named Dr. Lee, who was studying Hachimon alone.I wanted to know about Hatchimon and started to learn from the doctor.Dr. Lee wanted me to explore places he had not yet with Hatchimons.So I start to prepare all the things I need to explore ...Let's synthesize Hatchimons and make them the best Hatchimon!Hatchimons of the same characteristics(rank) tend to gather and synthesize and evolve.Let's raise Hatchimon and go on adventure!For a team of 5 Hatchimons and explore this mysterious island!Hatch a stronger Hatchimon through research on eggs!Upgrading eggs increases the chance of hatching stronger Hatchimon.Convenient synthesis system!When it is difficult to synthesize, please use a system that automatically synthesizes with a single touch.10 automated battles!Use automated battle for 10 consecutive times!When you want to be stronger, train in the gym!Through gym training, you can grow your Hatchimon to be stronger.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.13
Operating System Android
System Requirements None