Super Kungfu vs Superhero fighting game 2018

Lets play superhero fighting game with kungfu black belt panther action and all super heroes. Super kungfu vs superhero fighting game 2018 is a full of kungfu black belt panther action game and superhero fighting. Play super kungfu black belt panther action vs superhero fighting game and be ultimate fighter and defeat immortal superhero. New superhero game with multiple game selection mode,training mode,verses mode and Super kungfu vs superhero story mode. Select a mode and then select a superhero, play the super kungfu vs superhero fighting game and prove which superhero are you. fight and takedown opponent, use punch , super flying kicks , and much more action of martial art to defeat the opponent superhero with kungu black belt panther fighting actions.Want to be world best kungfu superhero fighter? this game will enhance your kungfu fighting game actions and will take your kungfu fighting game skills to next level. Play to beat all superheroes with different style of combat fighting like kungfu street fight, fighting trackwrestling, kung fu, wrestling, ninja fight, mma, boxing and kicks and martial arts street fighting. fight to win and be super boxing champion. The most action adventure battle among superheroes with kungfu action and martial arts fight tell the world who is best superhero fighting game champion. In this game you can play super hero vs villains. and much more , you can choose any of your favorite superhero and the favorite opponent from the list and start playing this exciting kungfu action game with superheroes. Use your super power and action to defeat the opponent and win the fight with KO, takedown with super flying kicks, punch, and use your super powers to win the game.thrilling action game with superheroes fighting against villains. choose your favorite hero and fight against any chosen opponent of go with the full round combat kungfu fight and be champion.Game is powered with super stunning HD graphics and all you superhero in real are in the game. Featuring many superheroes and villains in this super kungfu vs superhero fighting game. pick one of your favorite fighter superhero character and play wrestling ring against other heroes. Build your kungfu skills in training mode , once ready for real fight with a super hero , play and show that you have the best superhero fighter combat in the game and tell your friends who's the super hero is in the game. this free fighting game is full entertainment and action packed for superhero fans either you are a fan any superhero this game is full for fun for you/ Play different rounds to combat fights. KO your opponents in fights with villains. win boxing championship of superheroes and kungfu between your fav. superhero and villains.Features:HD graphicsrealistic charactersmultiple gaming modesmultiple superheros with different thrilling actions and super powers.
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