Snake Girl Salon - Naagin Game

Do you fancy snake girl story - Naagin? a mythical shape shifting cobra. Girls enter into the world of your fantasy, transform magically into a beautiful snake princess naagin.Get ready for entertainment. Live your life as amazing snake girl in old stories & get the best of both worlds.Citrus Game Studios presents an all new unique concept Snake Girl Salon - Naagin Makeup & Dressup magical game for girls.Entertain yourself, do mystical indian make up & Dress up in shiny vibrant mesmerizing snake costumes. complete beauty makeover with ethnic jewelry, bangles glow in dark makeup & naag mani ,a precious diamond which bring good luck, health & wealth to the possessor. Enjoy Enchanting snake music & ichadharri naagin dance on traditional snake charming tunes.Explore old indian culture in this interesting games for girls.Features:- Snake Girl Salon Story- Makeup & Dressup pretty Naagin girl- Covert into a traditional beautiful girl from a snake.- unique makeover for charming snake girl at makeup salon.- Choose from hundreds of makeup cosmetic items, apply vivid eye makeup and put hypnotizing lipsticks in glow in dark colors.- Shimmer & Shine snake girl with bedazzling jewelry & multiple shiny glitter naagin colors- Magical Dressup in vibrant royal costumes for snake queen.- Enchanting snake music & snake charmer tunes.- explore creativity, capture nagin customized fashion looksDo you Love old bollywood stories about ichadharri nagin revenge? you'll surely love this charming game for girls.Like Citrus Game Studios on
Operating System Android