Mermaid High: Princess Dream

Atina is a cute and naughty little mermaid princess. Her parents hope she can study in the mermaid high school to learn how to be a real mermaid princess!Gigi is a teacher at mermaid high. She will teach Atina 7 classes about how to spa, makeup and dress up...Samuel is a mermaid prince from another country. He falls in love with Atina at the first sight. Will they have a romantic ending?You're the Atina, you're the mermaid princess!Features:CLASS 1:A Princess would never be in a mess!CLASS 2: Acne is never allowed to appear on a princess's face!CLASS 3: How to put on makeup in royal styleCLASS 4: Don't be so surprised! This is a closet for a princess!CLASS 5: A Princess should be perfect for hair to toe.CLASS 6: Don't ignore your nails. Detail is what makes you stand out!CLASS 7: Now, the last step to be a REAL mermaid princess!And so much more are waiting for you to find out at MERMAID HIGH - TO BE A REAL PRINCESS!
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