(not) Guilty: Original rpg text story adventure

(not)Guilty is a role-playing text-based game about the crime and punishment in this day and age. See why we are one of the best rpg text based best interactive story games!Make decisions, choose your own path and expect even the unexpected!Download now and explore stories that will tickle your fantasy & entertain you to the fullest!PROVE THAT YOU ARE NOT GUILTYIn this text based role playing game you are accused of a crime which you didn't commit.Now you are placed in one of the most dangerous prisons in the country - in EDEN prison. Your main goal here is to survive at any cost.Can you find a real killer? Can you survive in EDEN? Can you prove that you are not guilty in the courtroom?Only you decide where this story will go.MULTIPLE ENDING SCENARIOS - EVERY DECISION MATTERSRead carefully, and get into the role. This story will end differently and it all depends from your decision. Awake your fantasy, and put your body and soul into the game. Be sure that these storylines will be really complex and detailed, so be careful. As a game with interactive stories & text rpg with lovely UI & design, you can enjoy relaxingly this amazing adventure for hours and hours..WHY (not) Guilty: Original rpg text story adventure?RPG text story gamegripping & interesting stories (original)multiple complex storylinesinteractive rating systemvarious ending scenariosminimalistic and simple design for comfortable gaming experienceavailable in English and Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai languages3 complete interactive story text based scenarios---So what will it be?Can you shape your own future and complete the stories to fit your desires and goals?Choose your path story & enjoy one of the best text adventure games.Download (not) Guilty
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