Lili Cooking Fever

Welcome to Lili Food Cooking. You know Lili is sweet girl. Lili wants to open Burger shop. In this Burger Shop Lili will sell many things. Lili is waiting costumers. There are many costumer. Costumer wants different things. Lili's burger shop has many different burger. You can prepare burger with LIli. When you see costumer select correct things to prepare burger. put the cheese,ketchup, mayonnaise, lettuce to burger. Time is important. Lili have to follow costumer time bar. Lili have to prepare Burger before time is completed. Some costumers wants with cheese, some of with ketchup. After serving order take the money. Each level has different difficulty. If you want serve fast you can buy some grill,bread etc. Bu t you have to collect enough point to buy for Lili.Serve each customer as fast as you can, great service will increase tips.on't forget to upgrade the restaurant appliances and ingredient quality, and create a better dining environment to attract more customers!Will you be able to handle the chaos and high demand? Achieve your goal to become 3 star chef!
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