Don't be slow Explode

Colonisation of Mars happened. Red planet became a residence of funny beasts. Now the colony on Mars turned into a dangerous arena, where everyone wants to destroy all other inhabitants of this desert planet.The only way to win is to blast yourself and take with you to the grave as many enemies as possible.Suicide Gang- this is a real time massive team battle 5 to 5 ! The team's task is to capture the enemy's flag and transfer it to its base. But be careful! Each of the jelly characters is stuffed with explosives, which is ready to detonate at any moment, and send all around to hell. You just have to be faster and blow up all the fighters first. In this game, suicide is your main weapon.It's a war! There is no right for mistakes! Blow up the enemy first or go to the grave! Choose the right tactic, anticipate the enemy's tricks, improve your arsenal and parameters, destroy the enemy and remember that your main goal is to capture the flag!There are many possible strategies in front of you. You can improve your speed and easily overtake your enemies on the way to the cherished artifact, or become a powerful destructive fighter that will defend your base and humiliate the enemies still on the way. All the power of explosives in your hands!Join this extreme adventure, enter to the battlefield and start fighting. No mercy on the arena, only you and your rival. That will be a mortal enemy chase with many missions. The point is that you'd better complete the competition to be the winner. Try not to lose this round or start once again. Addicting and interactive war gameApply your strategy to win the great gangsterBe ready to meet furious beastsStrengthen your hero Contract the best fighter of this allianceA futuristic game where you can select your favourite clown characters and start the battle game against the evil clowns in different costumes and suits blasting them up. In this war game find futuristic characters on their way to save the Mars from the dangerous invaders mummers by using bombs, grenades and explosives. This is brand-new simulation game where evil dwarfs are out there to destroy the Mars in future battle. Bots have to choose the form to transform to fight real funny dressed angry clowns.In this game update some extraordinary features were added so that the beasts have the power to place mines, activate energy shields or accelerate and commit suicide. So you can have different tactics and strategies You can enjoy the epicentre of the battle shooting enemies, placing mines and blasting small men or you can use stealth mode to find a way to the enemies' base unnoticed, grab their flag and win the battle without victims and losses.Game Features: * A simulation games offering three different robot models. * Three unique skills making the game styles individual* 5 vs 5MOBA regime where each team has to get the enemy's flag and deliver it to the base* Plenty of skills, and abilities allowing to upgrade the robot and make it indestructible.* Possibility to modify each robot up to three times significantly improving its parameters* All the robots have the power to blast themselves and the area around it devastating all enemies* Enemy navigator which will help the cyborgs to navigate their enemies. How To Play * Click PLAY to begin the robot fighting 3D simulator MOBA game. * Select your favourite robot from the 3 different very cool robots in accordance to your game style.* Start the game* Do the tutorial* Go through enemies to the opposite base and capture the flag* Kill the Invaders coming your way with detonation* Use abilities suitable to the current battle need* Once you have grabbed through flag bring it back to your base* Upgrade your robots and their parameters * Move to next battle
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