Crests of Courage

Join Crests of Courage as you play with thousands of other real players in real time to complete missions, quests, and battle against world bosses or even fight against each other in PVP arena. Also, Craft and trade items with players start your own business. And you can build your own house share with friends! Enjoy continuous events throughout the Year! Pet and friends may be with you during your journey.First thing noticed about Crests of Courage is that the character models are 2D sprite-based while the environments are polygonal. This gives the game a unique visual experiencePlay Crests of Courage anywhere you go! Enjoy this Real MMORPG adventure on your Mobile device!Key Features:- Free to play MMORPG- Trading system allowing players trade items they crafted with each other.- Quests based on rich story line.- House system allowing players build their own house or even mansion.- Play with thousands of other players in real time.- Diverse abilities and skills for each class.- Co-op with players around the world to battle world bosses.- Real time PVP system for players to test their skills against each other.- Easy Login and Tutorial for a quick jump into the action- Mount and Pet may be with you during your journey.Contact us: cs-en@chukong-inc.com
Operating System Android