Mafia Agent Escape Spy City

Mafia agents are all over the San Andreas as the prisoners have escaped from the prison and central jail of the spy city and have turned it into a horrible crime place and mafia gangster den. As a professional mafia agent, your job it to make this city peaceful again and spy around the city for the criminals and gangsters. The mafia agent is the grand killer legend and has been a gang boss for years in the spy sin city of Downtown Chicago. As a dash mafia spy agent, he has dangerous skill skills like attack, shooting, and criminal escape killings; this agent has spread a spine terror among other mafia and gangster agents and police cops. The security forces and undercover spy agents are working hard to assassinate these mafia agents roaming all over the sin crime city freely. As an imposter and mafia gang agent and godfather of the Russian mafia gangs, you are out on the streets threat security squad, carry out theft missions, assassinate spy agent, survive criminal escape from the police training school boot camps and be a winner in the gang war of the san Andreas Mafia Agent Escape Spy City, now all you have to do is to win the gang war, escape from the opposition gun attacks, hide from the police and sneak into the city supermarket like a hero and rule the underworld downtown. In Mafia Agent Escape Spy City become a mafia gangster agent as you go up the level of high rated criminal and underworld resurrection. The crime city of San Andreas is full of gang mafia agents and this City Crime gives you the chance to build up your own criminal city spy and underworld empire. Be one of the best grand godfather of this horrible barbaric crime mafia city, this game of Mafia Agent Escape Spy City offers vehicular pleasures and Vendetta, mafia agents of crime have high fidelity luxury cars snatched from the city people. Drive your way through the streets of this spy sin city mafia gang wars and hit the road hard.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None