Gangster Mafia Real Crime City

Want to build and rule the criminal world and empire of Gangster mafia Crime City and ruin your rivals with your brutal rampage? Get ready to prove yourself as the biggest gangster and criminal of crime city, who your rivals who's the ruler and boss. Engage into gangster fights; use ultimate weapons and ruling the crime streets in this action packed adventure RPG. Become a mafia king, ruling the streets and shooting your way to the top in the criminal world. Gangster Mafia Real Crime City is an action packed adventure game, in this game you have to play a role of a jail break gangster not afraid of anyone or anything. In this Compton crime city, savage and aggressive criminals are at large, they are killing innocent people, robbing banks and shops and there is horrific criminal chaos all over this city. Join the Russian Gangster Mafia and rule the city full of crime, complete your tasks after tasks and complete job after job, no matter how odd or underhanded: Shake down and fight your neighbors, steal valuable loot, whack the competition, or start a mob turf war. Lookout for vendetta against the city police and underworld criminal syndicate chiefs. Start organized criminal activities in Miami and San Diego and Compton city, start enormous drug trafficking in Compton & Andreas cities and become the king of drugs. The streets of crime city are now full of gangsters and crooked police cops along with low life scum slums. Engage into the gang warfare and win back your repo as an ultimate gang mafia king and take over the city of angles back from your rival gangs. Beware of the bullets it can come straight outta anywhere, Put your sniper shooting suit gear on and get ready for a heavy artillery fight between the criminals and the military police.
Operating System Android