Escape From Eros

Escape From Eros is a text-based role playing game, similar to choose your own adventure books, but with far more features. You can explore zones, fight enemies in real time, speak to other characters, complete missions and many other actions. In this game you're a member of the Greenwater, a rescue specialized merc company. You'll have to complete missions all across the Solar System, but at some point you'll find things go south pretty fast. And it will be bad. A more detailed description of the setting will be made when game is finally released. Fans of the book series The Expanse, by James SA Corey, will find some similarities and references, that's because I got inspired reading the books while doing this game, so there are quite a few nods to the series. At the moment the game is in its final beta phase. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please contact developer. Also, you'll find english translation is not really that good, I'm trying to find someone to help with that, but keep in mind this is not a commercial project, so it might take a while to find a collaborator.
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