Goddess War: Call of Beauties

RPG and beauties-collecting mobile game is fashionable around Asia and North America. Custom-made version for Europe is online now. You will pass through time to an anime world, and conquer various beauties, also, improve force by collecting equipments. Create an elite beauties team to defeat any opponents Features of game, You will clash with hundreds beauties, also have the chance to conquer them, and adventure together. Collecting more strong beauties and creating a harem army. Combat is simple--just match 3 or more Swords will deal damage. If you can chain together multiple attributes, you not only increase your damage, but also can attack with skill. You and your beauties army will experience different adventures and conflicts. (Plot mode include Tower of dragon, War of Guild, PVP, and more). Collecting powerful equipments for your beauties, and arm them with artifacts. You can create or join a guild, and then challenge powerful boss with your companions, and defeat other guildsKey Words: goddess, war, clash, girl, Sexy, lady, candy, love, Valkyrja, Wonder Woman, battle, china, Sweethearts, bubble, lord, heroesfacebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoBeauties/.
Operating System Android