Pregnant Mommy Emergency Care

Tina is going to have a baby soon. She goes to the hospital. After a whole body examination, the doctor tells Tina that she needs a surgery (Caesarean) immediately. There are seven different levels in this game. Completely one by one level. Please help the doctor prepare the surgery. Firstly give her the anaesthetic and then turn on the breathing machine. When the preparation is done, please help the doctor finish the surgery. The baby is born. But there are lots of work that need to be finished. Please complete the treatment for both the mommy and the baby. The baby is so cute. Please take care of him. Thanks. Features: =1. All Levels are Free. 2. help the doctor complete the body examination. 3. prepare for the surgery. 4. help the doctor complete the surgery successfully. 5.complete the treatment after the surgery. 6. take care of the baby. 7. choose clothes for baby. So are you ready for play this game?
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