In Harm's Way

From a young age we are taught that ghosts aren't real, and that we shouldn't be scared of the dark, maybe it's to protect us or maybe some people just don't know the truth. Our world is plagued by supernatural creatures, hiding in plain sight and ready to pounce at any moment, the missing person cases or the unexplained mysteries, that's them. Ghosts, Werewolves, Vampires and Demons are all real, and that's just the creatures we know about. Are they as bad as the stories you may have heard? No. they are worse. NOT A FREEMIUM GAME;Try In Harm's Way for FREE, if you like episode 1 then you can purchase another episode. EPISODIC THRILLER;Each episode will showcase new areas to explore, multiple missions to complete and various weapons to master. OPEN WORLD;A vast open world to explore, with collectables throughout that yield useful items and weapons to unlock. UNIQUE GAME MECHANICS WITH MORE THAN 10 DIFFERENT MINI-GAMES;Our all new battle system delivers fast paced gameplay in a way never before seen on a mobile device, or any device. JAPANESE ANIME STYLED PIXEL ART;The world is presented in retro pixel art style, infused with modern Japanese Anime. ORIGINAL NARRATIVE AND SOUNDTRACK;Everything you see and hear is an original creation, our soundtrack sets the mood, whilst our narrative will take you away to a world much scarier than ours. JAPANESE ANIME INSPIRED CUT SCENES TELL THE STORY;The story of In Harm's Way will unravel not only during gameplay but also during our Japanese Anime inspired cut scenes, beautifully showcasing the unique charactersYou were shielded from these horrors as a child, your father, with the help of his only true friend, protected not only you and your brother but the entire world from the supernatural. But one night, not even he could save you or your brother, one night you would learn the truth, one night your world would be ripped apart, one night you would become the hunter that your brother needed, the hunter that the world needed.
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