Azure Flame: Dawn

Choose your own path and embark upon an adventure. Every decision you make affects the story in such a way to give you a unique experience. ''Azure Flame: Dawn'' is a high fantasy interactive book with multiple endings. Written by M. T. Miller, it's made to appeal to all audiences, from casual readers to enthusiastic book collectors. We at IcyProjects emphasize new approach to interactive books where your decisions change existing and trigger new stories and ultimately a unique ending. Immerse yourself while reading, discover new world, meet new characters, decide on difficult moral dilemmas. The choice is yours. More than 35 000 words and over 10 different endings will make sure to keep you well occupied for a while. Note from the developers: Every interactive novel is a new life that is worth experiencing, for readers and non-readers alike. As such, we recommend taking your time with it and enjoying the moment. A warm cup of tea and a soft, comfortable chair will surely augment your experience.
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