5e Campaign Lab

5e Campaign Lab will allow you to generate limitless encounters based on monster size, type, minimum challenge rating, maximum challenge rating, minimum number of creatures, maximum number of creatures, environment, alignment (any, include, exclude, and non-aligned), book, and finally by name. 5e Campaign Lab allows you to manage Campaigns, Encounters, Parties, and more. 5e Campaign Lab has an intuitive Combat Tracker to manage all aspects of combat. 5E Campaign Lab Features. Content sensitive help for each screen to help ease the learning curve. Campaign management allows adding numerous Notes and Encounters to Campaigns. Encounter management allows adding numerous Notes, Treasure, and Monsters to any encounter. Encounter management allows a specific party to be associated with an encounter or for more flexibility assign the encounter to use the Default Party. Any item available in 5e can be added to an Encounter. Search for items based on various criteria such as name, type, rarity, property, damage, damage type, and finally magical and/or mundane. Each item included in the app has a complete detailed description available. All monsters from the Basic Rules Version 1 are included with the app. Ability to download and import additional monster content within the app. Each monster in the app has a detailed description. Combat Tracker that allows you to manage combat events. Combat Tracker will show round, elapsed time, whose turn it is, player and monster's hit points and conditions. Combat Tracker will allow a user to roll a "To Hit" roll for various monster attacks. Combat Tracker will allow a user to roll a "Damage" roll for various monster attacks. If you don't feel like setting up a full Campaign and just want to generate some random encounters, you can jump directly to the Encounter Generator from the main menuContactsupport@fortuity. io.
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