Quest Cards

SET OUT ON AN ADVENTURE. Quest Cards is a free single player game inspired by game books, where you set out on adventures to finish various quests. UNIQUE STORYAll and every adventure you undertake is unique. Built from custom made encounters in unpredictable way, filled with many decisions you have to make. All this resulting in ever changing narrative. Every decision matters. COLLECT LOOTCollect gold and gems on your quests and get chests full of cards as a loot from your adventures. These will help to enrich your card collection with new spells and to upgrade the old ones. BUILD & UPGRADE YOUR DECK OF CARDSBuild your card deck from various weapons, skills and spells. Create the right mix just for you and your playstyle. But beware that every spell or weapon has its pros and its cons. Make you deck balanced or face defeat. INTELLIGENT ENEMIESFace dozens of different enemies. All driven by artifical intelligence (AI) and all different with various attributes, skills and spells. NO INTERNET CONNECTIONInternet connection is NOT required to play this game. Great when you commute or when down deep in the coal mine. Download now for free and try this new explorative quest-based RPG adventure game. CONTACT USVisit our official site at http://www.runningpillow.comFollow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at with us and other fans at our Patron at
Operating System Android