US Army Training War School 3D

Get enrolled in one of the country's best US army's armed forces tactical training and war school academy facility. Join the war boot camp and follow the drill sergeant instructions, get the finest war combat and US survival training under the supervision of high profile special forces as instructors specialized in recruit drill. This school is well known for providing the best recruits and cadets hired for armed shooter forces specially commandos of air force, navy, army and military. In this battle training school many foreign cadets and officers from legions around the world are equally challenged like any other military in the world specially US Marines and troopers, British Army, Pak Army, Russian and Chinese Army personnel is being trained to be the best warriors. The elementary schooling consists of armed and tactical ops, escape plans, counter shots, assault shooting, survival commando techniques in different environments like forest, jungles, mountains tracks, clearing weather obstacles like snow, deserts, extreme hot or cold conditions, swimming and SWAT specialist. These war conservatories play crucial part in transforming recruits into Soldiers in Basic Combat Training; No assault course is tougher than your will power.
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