Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage of the mobile revolution, 16 consecutive weeks ranked No. 1 Market sales (App Annie, 12/04/2017 Data). A true MMORPG massive siege. Reservations are underway. If you want to join the reservation and rich events, 50000 Blue Diamond, including former Galaxy S8-class compensation paid. game. Features. Open World's largest mobile. All local field-based concurrent environmentFree real-time play time and space constraints. Open Field more rigid world. an original sensibility evolved into a mobile. Best quality, based on the Unreal Engine 4. Lineage II landmarks and key contentImplementing a mobile-optimized containing the human and society, clan. With full-length play, common goals. Authorization of Monarch phase ClanSearch for share with the enjoyment of the benefits. The implementation of this strategy, a large living battlefield. Which requires strategic decisions and sticky solidarity between Clan. This huge battlefield in real MMORPG unfolds in a mobile environment. Lineage 2 Revolution event page. And can meet the best news soon, you can join a diverse and rich events. cafe official Lineage II Revolution. Proceeds official events and descriptions can be found via the official cafe. The request for authorization following the game for convenience. - for real-time voice conversations, ask an audio recording/playback rights. Request a SD card read/write permissions for resources to download. You can play smoothly on your tablet device. [Restrictions instructions. Optional Restrictions Storage Space - The need for such "user voice recording and transmission. MIC - are used, such as "voice chat between users. camera - are used, such as "Contact Us". I do not accept the access available services. One way to withdraw access - OS 6.0 or later: Settings> Application Manager> Select your app> Rights> can have access revoked - less than 6.0, the operating system: access, so it withdraws the impossible, possible to withdraw a delete apps. Product Information and Terms & Conditions Information. Items paid a separate fee is charged at the time of purchase. Provider: Net Marble Games Ltd. CEO gwonyoungsik- terms and conditions and duration: according to a separate notices within the game (If the period is not displayed, to be considered the end of the service period) - Payment amount and method: according to the product-specific notices separate payments and payment method (Foreign currency payments due to exchange rates and fees may vary from the actual charge) - Products of payment: Immediate payment by game ID (character) my purchases- Dedicated Customer Service: 1670-8212 (weekdays 9 am can consult 6: 00 pm) - minimum requirements: CPU quad core 1.9GHz, Ram 3GB- Address: Seoul, Guro Digital 300- Business Number: 105-87-64746- Communication distributor No: 2014.1028 Lake Seoul Guro.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 0.41.16
Operating System Android
System Requirements None