Westward Dystopia Free Edition

Free to Play (F2P) version with no advertisements and no paywalls. The entire story is now free to play for the first time. A post-apocalyptic CYOA (choose your own adventure) style rpg gamebook in the style of the classic Fighting Fantasy books, Westward Dystopia is the first in a new series of interactive fiction gamebooks for your Android phones and tablets. Westward Dystopia is a novel-length gamebook set in the wasteland of tomorrow. The game is text-heavy with dice-based combat and written at an adult or older teen level with post-apocalyptic western, horror, and science fiction themes. Enjoy all-new original artwork by David White and renowned fantasy/sci fi artist Tony Hough. Choose your own path. Over 120 thousand words in length. A full interactive novel. All-new original art by Tony Hough and David White. Roll dice in vicious combat. 6 unique endings + secrets. Collect items and equip new gear. Save your progress with digital bookmarks. Collect achievements. In this post-apocalyptic RPG adventure, the player fills the shoes of a restless wanderer in search of great mechanical relics from the past. Strange Wasteland dwellers, mutant hordes, mechanical monstrosities, and more await you as factions vie for power and loyalties are torn asunder. Nothing will ever be the same again in the Wasteland. Collect artifacts and weapons, purchase armor and antiquities, and roll dice in vicious battle. Save your position with book marks and unlock achievements.
Operating System Android