Evhacon 2

Evhacon is a single player action roleplaying game created by independent developers Pietro Nifosi and Nunzio Bonsignore. Assume the role of a Rhontirian Centurion charged with aiding the Aecherians on a epic quest steeped in mystery and high adventure. In typical RPG fashion you'll go on quests, fight monsters and level up your character. Enhance your attributes and talents as you see fit, assemble valuable gear and rare items. Vivid, detailed graphics help the game world come to life, and every character is voice acted. FEATURESFully interactive 3D World3rd person cameraBeautiful soundtracks and realistic ambient soundsAccurate combat system with manual blocking and attackingMinigamesMulti-language supportAnd much much more. Powered by Unreal Engine 4.
Operating System Android