Day R Premium

Survive in nuclear USSR: defeat diseases, hunger and enemies. Play Online also. Hardcore survival:Hunger and radiation won't give you a chance to relax. Realistic world:The turn of the seasons, huge map of USSR and more than 2500 different towns and cities. A lot of opportunities:Hundreds of crafting schemes, a lot of ammunition. People and stories:Interesting quests and helpful allies. Improve your skills:Mechanics, medicine, chemistry and, amy others. Cooperative mode:The Online mode with a chat room, exchange of items and united fightings. Benefits of Premium version: - 1000 caps and other bonuses in the broken train- 20% discount in the shop - button "Disable ad" - save in any place - chat without any limitations- sending parcels without any limitations- access to all kinds and colours of map markers. Not sure? Try free version. https://play. id=com. gm_shaber. dayrWar never changes. In 1985 USSR went down before an unbeknown enemy. In a few days the entire country became a radioactive wasteland - violence, hunger and diseases reign here now. When you no longer loose in the fight with the death, the other survivors wait for you in the cooperative - the Online mode let you survive together dealing with difficulties, talking in the chat room and sending gifts to each other.
Operating System Android