Sports Dream Team

Doctor X, these injured athletes need your help. Treat them with professional medical tools and help them return to the field. Get your head in the game and play your favorite sports with the world's best athletes. Doctor X, we need your medical expertise at the clinic. Help injured athletes return to the field at the clinic. You're a sports superstar in games like basketball. Play all-star athletic games, like football, soccer, basketball and tennis. Let The Games Begin. Start by selecting an athlete from 4 popular sports-- soccer, tennis, basketball, and football-- and let the games begin. You can play with the world's best sport stars. Sport Mini-Game Fun. Choose a player and play an exciting mini-game in their sport, like football, soccer, baseball, and tennis. Score goals, shoot some hoops, serve some tennis balls. Watch out though, your athlete might get injured and need some help from Doctor X. Doctor X Courtside Clinic Treatment. They've shown off their skills in football, soccer, tennis, and basketball, now show off yours in medicine at the clinic, Doctor X. Use real sports medicine techniques and tools in the clinic & fuel up with a healthy & delicious protein shake. Build The Ultimate Roster. Unleash a whole new world of football, soccer, basketball, and tennis fun. As you complete treatments, you can unlock trading cards for new athletes. Gain access to all of their games, equipment, and clothes, Doctor X. Features: > Tap to select a sports superstar from 4 awesome options. > Swipe to make a soccer goal, toss the football, serve the tennis ball, and make a basket in 4 mini-games. > Treat athletes in the treatment room with real sports medicine tools like ice packs, neck braces, & more. > Drag the fruit to the shake maker and create a delicious shake for the athlete. > Unlock more sports stars when you complete more medical treatments. What's inside: > Treatment tools like the Ice spray, Ankle tape, Ice packs, Eye drops, Band aid, and you can even give them an X-ray test. > 16 colorful finger tape and ice packs. > 4 patients that need you incredible doctor skills. > 2 Doctor Kits for all your medical needs, the First Aid Kit and the Pro Kit. ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play Top Developer, recognized for its commitment to launching high-quality and innovative apps on Android, TabTale lovingly produces games, interactive e-books, and educational experiences. With over 850 million downloads and growing, TabTale has established itself as the creator of pioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love. TabTale's apps spark children's imaginations and inspire them to think creatively, while having fun. Search "TabTale" on Google Play and discover more incredible apps. Visit us: Plus: https://plus. us: us: @TabtaleWatch us: CONTACT US Let us know what you think. Questions?Suggestions?Technical Support?Contact us 24/7 at: IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: This App is free to play, but certain in-game items may require payment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device. By downloading this App you agree to TabTale's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at: and at: Please consider that this App may include third parties services for limited legally permissible purposes.
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