In a cruel twist of fate, the founder of modern computing, Alan Turing dies in an accident as a child. Bletchley park, the center that was crucial in the Allies victory in WWII, was never built. The Nazi communications encrypting machine the 'Enigma' was never cracked at Bletchley Park by Turings team. It is 1950 and Britain, though still not conquered, still receives daily bombings from the Luftwaffe. The Blitz has never ended. Hitlers and Speers bombastic vision of Berlin has been realised with the largest domed building, the Volkshalle, able to hold 3 eiffel towers. The Triumphal arch that can hold Paris's triumphal arch in its entrance. Centre piece half way between the volkshalle and Triumphal arch. Now, it is your chance to set things right and end the new dark age that has descended upon the world.
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