Space Siege demo

In 2199, the colony ship Rebecca Lee arrive at the second planet orbiting Beta Canum Venaticorum. Every scan of Beta CVn II showed the same thing: a perfect world for sustaining life; a paradise 27 light years from Earth; a new home for humanity. The colonists christened it Elysium IV and disembarked onto its surface.Then the Kerak came. They annihilated the fledgling colony on Elysium IV. Almost 50,000 people died in the assault. And that was only the beginning. The Kerak moved across the galaxy, extinguishing every human settlemnet in space. Sixteen other colony ships were destroyed in less then two years. Nearly a million people were gone forever.Then the Kerak set their sights on Earth. Before anyone could react, the Kerak fleet destroyed the last operational colony ship at Saturn and continued to Earth. When the Kerak arrive, they vaporized thousands of shuttles trying to escape and obliterated four of the five evacuations vessels in orbit. And then, Earth was one. The fifth evacuation ship, the Armstrong, has managed to escape, carrying with it the most precious cargo of all--20,000 evacuees, the sole remnants of the human race. But before the Armstrong can get clear, the Kerak are able to infiltrate the ship. Now you must protect the surviving humans at any cost.In Space Siege, you are a highly trained soldier named Seth Walker, and you are the only thing standing against the Kerak and their campaign of genocide. Over the course of the game, you will rescue endangered survivors from the Kerak assult, fight enemies in every corner of the massive Armstrong ship, and upgrade your body with powerful cybernetic weaponry. A game of devious tactics, frenetic combat, and split-second decisions, Space Siege is a new science fiction-themed action RPG developed by Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games, creators of Dungeon Siege I and II and Supreme Commander.The demo for Space Siege offers an introduction to the gameplay.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 935.05 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista
System Requirements Windows XP/Vista, 2.6GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 3GB available disk space, 128MB video RAM or greater