Desktop Warrior

Desktop Warrior is a desktop game application that runs while you are working on the computer, at work, or at school. Everyone can download and play Desktop Warrior for free up to level 20, but afterwards you must register your copy. When you purchase your copy you will be able to Go Online with your warrior and be able to utilize the huge Auction House, join and leave kingdoms, and wage wars with other kingdoms. Also, you can battle your warrior against your friends warriors through MSN Messenger. Desktop Warrior is constantly living. What I mean by living is that as you level your experience points earned increases after every level, the monsters you fight constantly become stronger along with you, and items can be mended into rare and treasured pieces of equipment.
Price USD 10
License Free to try
File Size 8.14 MB
Version 1.7
Operating System Windows, Windows XP
System Requirements Windows XP, MSN Battling, MSN Messanger 6.0