The player challenges a computer or human opponent to a battle of wits and chromosomes to see who will be born normal and who will be forced to live out their life on The Jerry Springer Show. Chromosomethingorother pits a player against a human or computer opponent in a race to be born into the world as a normal human being with 23 pairs of chromosomes. The winner will have a relatively normal life. The loser will have to go through life as a movie of the week, or possibly a permanent guest on The Jerry Springer Show. Players choose one of twelve different characters to represent themselves in life. As the game progresses and players earn chromosomes the characters are redrawn to represent what the person would look like being born with only that many chromosomes. Modular graphics for the characters means that each one has more than 3000 different possible appearances. The characters will even comment on their current situation. Players can play against one of three different computer opponents, or another person locally or over an AppleTalk network.
File Size4.21 MB
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System Requirements- Color Macintosh - 640 by 480 display - 8 MB of available RAM - AppleTalk network required for network play