Dirt Track Kart Racing Tour

The most competitive racing game on iOS. There is no other racing game like it. Close racing in week-long championships.Race an inch from the ground at speeds over 80 mph in Racing Karts in 4 Tiers of Real Time Multiplayer Championship Kart Racing."Youll never find another game like it. So competitive... Its more than just a game.Similar karts, similar engines. Always close, fast, competitive.This is Dirt Track Kart Racing Tour.If you want something new, original and ultra competitive. This game will entertain you for more hours than you think! Expect it to be hard, challenging and rewarding. No Assists. No Excuses. Just 100% Pure Racing.----- YOUR GOAL -----Beat real players from around the world to become go-karting champion, competing in real time multiplayer championships.----- JOIN THE Dirt Track Kart Racing MOTORSPORT COMMUNITY -----Sure we all want to win, and we race hard on the track. In the pits we all help each other out. Tips, tricks, advice. A community of thousands of competitive SK players. Create rivalries, join the banter in chat groups, and always have someone to race. And they're all pretty awesome (mostly).----- SMART KARTING STRATEGY ------ WEATHER: If it is raining at the track in real life it is raining at the track in the game. We simulate everything. Rain, drizzle, hot and cold temperatures affect tire choice and performance. Air pressure affects the power delivered by the engine and your lap time.- CHOICE: A range of tire compounds from different brands are available as you advance.- RIVALRIES: Win your own personal battles. Sponsors only want to support drivers that are good press and top contenders. Beat people you know to earn status and get to the top.- UPGRADE: Make complex kart choices, from which brand of exhaust to use, or which base kart setup suits any given track or conditions. Upgrades = speed not victory.----- KEY FEATURES ------ Real racing against real people from around the world- Race in closely matched karts from real brands - none of this massive upgrade, automatic win! We're dealing in fractions of seconds.- Live broadcast/Record to Social Media- Invite people to race via push notifications- Compete against racers who race in real life- Race in Real Life? Apply for Verified Account Status.- Real World tracks are being added all the time.
Price USD 3.99
License Purchase
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.