Real Car Racing - Multiplayer

Real Car Racing welcomes you to the best multiplayer racing game available on your phone or tablet which will come with regular updates.In this free racing game youll not only experience on the edge of your seat multiplayer racing, youll have the chance to become a top driver in this racing game. Youll be given a vehicle for free as soon as you load up the game for you to begin challenging some of the best drivers around the world.Real Car Racing gives a new edge to free driving games available to you, by supplying you with a beautiful city map, and to start you off theres 4 exciting game modes available for you to compete in and race against other users.Theres an exciting nitro boost button that will allow you to get some extra speed and get ahead/catch up or drive away from your opponents. If you ran out of boost.. dont worry! Simply just drift around a few corners and your boost bar will be refilled. The other way of gaining boost is to gain airtime with your vehicle, but the drift option is by far the easiest and most fun way to refill.MULTIPLAYER MODESEndurance RacingEndurance racing entails you having to drive your car through the checkpoints and by driving around the city map racing the other players your goal is to drive through as many checkpoints as you can. Try to drive through as many checkpoints as possible to finish as the number 1 driver!Coin ModeCollect as many coins as possible before the other players. Race against your opponents to collect the gold coins for 3 points, silver for 2 points & bronze for 1 point. You will notice players going only for gold, but never forget the silver and bronze. If you race for all 3 types, youll surely beat the racers going only for gold.Zombie TagAt the start of each round one driver will be randomly selected as the zombie. The selected zombie driver will have to tag (drive into) an uninfected racer to infect them as a zombie. Try to survive being tagged in the allotted time to be victorious or if youre a zombie, boost and drift around to catch up to the survivors to tag them!Flag ModeWithin the city map a flag will randomly spawn anywhere on the map. Drive your car following the direction of the arrow to capture the flags. Keep in mind youre still racing in this game mode as theres only 1 flag to collect at any given time and several opponents to race against.Racing FeaturesExtremely realistic vehicle physics.Up-gradable/ Customizable vehicles.4 Game modes currently live (more on the way shortly).1 Map SO FAR to accommodate all game modes.Fully Stocked Garage with vehicles, decals, upgrades.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.09
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up