Junk Yard Tow Truck Cars Transport:Forklift Simulator 3d

Truly a very amazing and unique game on its own, so far in the play store. You have to be a multi skilled person doing different tasks at the same time .Turn on the ignition of your tow truck, start heading towards city and suburbs to collect old and wrecked cars, and bring them to your scrap yard to be scrapped or wrecked in tow truck simulator.Time is crucial in these levels, so be on the mark straight away and follow the directions of this truck driving game. Your next job will be to go around to other Junkyard and wreckage yards to collect all the body parts of the cars ranging from engines to doors and roofs and half cars, through the help of forklift, on to your truck and off you go back to your scrap yard.Tow truck transport simulator now turns into scrap yard and forklift simulator. Pick up the old cars first with your forklift, place them on the compression area, compress all the cars on the top of each other. Now each set of two compress wrecked cars has to be placed skillfully into the container truck, saving maximum space.The next job is to place all the car engines and body parts in the container truck smartly with the help of your forklift using the ramp. Dont overload the cargo truck as you might get in trouble with the traffic road authority and the seaport ship authorities afterwards.Time to move from your junkyard to the seaport, follow the directions attentively and keep an eye on the speedo meter as you might easily overturn the giant vehicle in this cargo truck simulator. When you get to seaport the authorities has to make sure a few things, before letting you load your container and lets continue with this ship games from now on.Now here comes your chance to be a ship captain in this ship simulator. Take your container along with others to the other countriesFeatures:Great 3D environment and sound effectsEasy and effective and 3 different truck and forklift controlsScrap yard transport simulator, would be your first and unique experience.Great animation of the seaport and container loading and unloadingEnjoy sailing in the ocean in this ship simulatorOne of the best ship games.
License Free
Version 1.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.