Mad City III LA Undercover

Mad City III opens way to the criminal games worldIn the age of cool cars, illegal deals, permanent police fights, evolving the story of a man, that going to the up of the criminal city.You see the clean city, with big business blocks, big harbor, nice seafront and bright sun. And of course you can get to the poverty-stricken neighborhoods, empty houses, junkyard and wasteland, but this makes you feel closer to the real life.In game youll often take part in shootings, pursuits, car thefts, police war and buying guns in ammunitions.Beat all jobs, get in trouble spots, get rewards and dont forget to make a sea cruise in the boat.Game featuresSmooth graphics (you can choose graphics level) and nice characters modelsImproved optimizationInteresting storylineHuge choice of cars, guns, boats and motorbikesPolice always controls city streetsYoure always see some action: pursuit, shootings, thefts, explosionsOpen worldWe even have an islandGame plotGame story tells about getting you and your friends to the top of the criminal world of the city. Car thefts, racket, killings and drug selling. Youll go deep into criminal part of the city, completing missions, most of them makes you to do some illegal things. With progress youll come from street soldier with powerful criminals on your back to the most infamous man in Mad City. You will conquer blocks and find dedicated followers. For earned money you can buy different facilities, plants, houses, biggest buildings and fastest cars you can find here. Dont forget about different weapons choice. But like in the real life you must pay for all of it! In the last mission youll must remind to police whos own this streets and payback for the death of people from your gang. In success youll become Mad City criminal boss and stay in the city of criminal, violence, sea and sun.P.S. If you get bored or disturbed from missions passing, buy M16 rifle, body armor and make some action at the Mad City streets. Get interest points from police and then find some cover and shoot back.Dear users, Mad City is created to get away from real life bore.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.11
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.3 and up