Note: "After installing the game, about 45 megabytes of data will be downloaded"A different experience from the racing game in the style of the Drag . This time with "GT: Speed Club"GT is a completely Iranian game with a large number of Iranian and foreign cars and stunning quality that you have never experienced in any Persian game. I think, with a glance at the above pictures, you will understand the high quality of the game. This is just the beginning:More than 65 Iranian and foreign cars (and more on the way) Simulation of driving physics and the racing according to reality (test to find out)Variety and cool personalization. Decorate your car according to your personalityFiction section and competition with 20 characters from different neighborhoods that multiplies the excitement of the game.Variety of tournaments ---> Free / Stairs / Knockouts / Daily / Class Eats ......Applicable at the right performance , even on weak phones (below 1 GB)Beautiful and attractive interface" This is the game that after installing and playing, you will definitely introduce to your friends because it's addicted to everything ;)"Contact UsIf you have any suggestions to improve the game or have any problems, please contact us by telegram or email :Support in GTclubAdmin GT Telegramemail support barmaki.amin@gmail.comYou can follow the game's headlines belowGT Telegram Channel gt_club_gameInstagram GT
License Free
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up