Death Moto 4

"Death Moto 4" as a "Death Moto 3" sequel, with new visual effects, more violent fighting experience.Ride your moto through the heavy enemies, reach the end.Multi-level crossing! Tornado rampage across rural roads, through the deep silence of the highway, or the rampage on the snowy street.No matter which way you chose to head-on, collision with killers is waiting for you. Unlock and upgrade 10 different motorcycles, each motor can be equipped with a variety of upgrade projects, such as nitrogen, machine guns, rocket launchers, and so on. Do not give any opportunity to killers!> Intense chase, fierce fighting to survive.> Upgrade the corresponding properties, increase the distance that you run in the game.> Correctly use of nitrogen and dodge attacks from enemy to keep you fastest speed in a long time.> Control Moto to avoid violent tornado.
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up