Xtreme Dirt Bike Racing

Get ready to drive your dirt bike over a crazy dirtbike track with rocks and obstacles to navigate. Its extreme dirt bike trail racing game, where a proper physics is used to handle Dirt Bike Racing to ride on the challenging tracks. Drive your dirt bike as fast as possible through a dirt course with full of hurdles and stunts. You can jump, up and down the Dirt bike. Explore more worlds and levels by completing the current level. Dirt Bike Racing will take your breath away with its new innovations and amazing features. This adventurous dirt bike game is the best choice for bike riders to remain on the way by passing hurdles in less time.Xtreme Dirt bike Racing is a racing game unlike any of you've ever seen before. In this extreme trail game you have to drive through the most radical and treacherous race tracks ever seen before. Realistic bike physics with amazing 3D fast paced action game play. Enjoyable dirt bike tracks with variety of hurdles.In this trial game, so you can take on the bigger jumps and are able to follow the different tracks in a level. High speed racing adventures with race, jump crash and stunt actions. The extremely challenging bike game with their numerous dynamic elements that make this game very challenging.Xtreme Dirt bike Racing Features:> Extreme Bike challenges with realistic features> 30 levels across hundreds of new and real obstacles> Advanced realistic bike physics with addictive gameplay> Beautiful forest and snow falling themes> Many dirt bikes with different physics for a great gameplay experience> Easy controls for speed up and break by onscreen clicks> Handling bike stunts up and down by tilt the device> Boost your score by collecting coins, backflips and frontflips> Lifelike visual appeal with ability to perform real life stunts> Achieve best time target with all coins to get all winner awards> Extreme quality engaging sound effectsIf you like trail and dirt bike games then you'll love to play this ultimate extreme Crazy Bike Adventures simulator!
Operating System Android