Win the Hill - Offroad stunt racing

Now play the most enthralling stunt car game "Win the Hill" that will introduce you to the amazing adventures of most intense Minicar race. Take your favorite car vehicle and perform stiff stunts against lots of dodges obstacles. Run, jump, stunt and boost your car on most dangerous downhills as you rivals through the amazing frontier tracks and become the daredevil hill climber. Knock off your ride before the obstacle knocks out you.-Drive on wooden slabs, ramps, loops, spillways and even on crafty rover hills all in Pacific adventures. Confront through the awesome car smashing machines and mechanized techno based dodging obstacles.-Collect keys in easy to pick up but hard to stunt zone to unlock next levels.-Every track brings a new stunning challenge to pick up the key, so join the race now!The stunning adventures of "Win the Hill" offroad stunt racing challenges you to collect each key packed in unique stunning tracks each with their own trick.GAME FEATURES-** Addictive Gameplay.** Over 40+ stunning race tracks to perform.** Control your car even in Mid air with acceleration boost.** Enjoy the real racing adventures(Deserts, beachs, Highlanders,asphalt,dirt).** Ride with your favorite car, jeep or even with Monster.** Different actions that come with each level.`Tips and Tricks--accelerate while landing on tracks to get high speed.-Boost your car when your car jump.-The higher you jump the more score you get.The adventurous rides of "Win the Hill" are dangerous so be careful!2018 new stunt car racing game download now!Have Fun!-*Please don't forget to drop your review and rating to help us to find more stunning fans. If you encounter any issue please email us at before posting a negative review."Thank you"
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