Cars Drifting Simulation

*Cars Drifting Simulation is a Car Simulation game show your skills in car driving and controlling the car , it's a first class simulation game , the physics and movement of the car make you feel like you are driving a real car , through this game you can drive four cars of different types and colors , Each car has certain advantages in terms of weight, speed, performance, strength and so on, You have to turn on the car by pressing the key icon so you can move the car , you can use the front lights of the car , You can see the car from four different angles by clicking on the camera icon in the game screen , All cars are available for free and without having to score points in the game, you choose the car you wish , at the beginning of the game you have to press the power button until the engine turns , then the car starts to move when you press the Fuel Pedal in the normal controlling or tilt controlling ,And pull the Joystick up if you choose to control by Joystick .* You will choose the type of stage you wish to play, and each type has a special thrill and excitement :- Arrival Challenge .- Short Racing .- Free Drifting .- After choosing the type of game you choose the type of control that can be easy for you to drive and control easily , in this game are three types of controlling :- The first type is driving by regular control which is the easiest and simplest but it may not be real enough. This type contains arrows for right and Left movement , It has a fuel Pedal and a brake pedal. You should hold down the accelerator pedal to increase speed, Keep a good speed , and press the brake pedal if you want to stop the car.- The second type is driving by tilting. This type is closer to the truth and makes you feel as if you are driving a Real car. With tilt control, you can change the direction of the car to the right and the Left by tilting the mobile during play, and also has a Fuel pedal and a Brake pedal to stop the car.- The Third type is driving By Joystick , pull the Joystick up / Down if you Want to move forward / Backward and right/Left to move to Your Direction .* The game is divided into three types *- Arrival Challenge : It enables you to reach a certain point at the end of the street . During a specified time at the top of the game screen, You Will Drive Your Car On An Asphalt Road Or Through Mountains heights in turns, and slopes , you must cross the obstacles of the cement blocks and barrels without hitting it . May hit your car and lead to smashing it, make sure your car does not hit these obstacles 3 times , or you will lose.- Short Racing : It is a race with a number of cars for a distance of not more than 5 kilometers, you have to reach the finish racing point before any of the cars competing and compete for you to win the race, and be careful not to let any of the competing cars collide with you , or you will lose.- Free Drifting : It is a crazy sport famous in the Middle East and Gulf regions called Hjulh or Tvhit or Drifting or burning the street, and it requires high skill in driving cars, beware of collisions with other cars so as not to lose, this stage only for entertainment and has no end If you do not collide with other cars and fail.- Be sure to pick up fuel gallons so you do not lose because of the loss of fuel.- You can get off the car and walk through someone, and you will be able to ride other cars* Game features *- Divided into several sections each section of it excitement and adventure of a specialkind .- Three different ways to control the car according to your desire and your ability .- There are four of the most famous types of cars.- Speedometer .- Fuel meter .- Multiple cameras show the car from different angles .
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0.4
Operating System Android
System Requirements None