Race Car : City Drift High Speed Driving Simulator

Race Car : City Drift High Speed Driving Simulator is the newly develop endless highway city racing car stunts game. Drive and maneuver through treacherous rocky hills to dominate the levels. The game is exclusively designed for the user to have the most realistic and amazing car simulation controls and In Car environment. Tighten your seat belt and enjoy loads of stunts while climbing massive hills. The user would drive the car world famous highways and racing tracks. Drive on the spectacular tracks on Golden Gate Bridge. Drive the car all around the globe collect cash and upgrade your car and buy new motorsports based fast cars from world famous brands. Drive on tracks with jumps, loops and obstacles. The cars featured in the game gives the most realistic experience with amazing physics. Explore the huge open driving world and find stunts to jump off to do amazing stunts. The user needs to survive through one way and two way traffic roads. Get ready to drive monster sports car to conquer streets and sky through crazy paths in turbo racing car. Drive in city rush hour which means navigating through the roads becomes very difficult because roads are packed with cars and other vehicles. Do not forget to upgrade your ride to help get through the difficult levels. Avoid car crashes with vehicles like Buses, Trucks, Trawlers, Vans, Jeeps and Bikes. Dash and race through the stunt city at lightning fast speed displaying cool tricks. Drive carefully and don't let police chase you for over speeding and if they do you must lose them or destroy their car in Cop Smash Mode. Upgrade turbo engine, find the optimal tune for your car. Colorful paints and cool stickers. The user will have ultimate customization options in the garage where user can change the looks of the car altogether. The only way to win is to race as fast as you think that you are driving like a jet. The performance modification like engine upgrade would enhance the performance of car.Following are the features of the game: High Definition(HD) display. Realistic open world enviornment graphics. Complete urban environment. Car racing Sound effects (SFX). Real race Visual effects (VFX). Night mode racing. Specialized Racing tracks. Drag Racing tracks. Shadder and LED lighting. Illegal racing with no traffic. Attractive home screen and menu screen. World famous Low rider and Hot wheels. Police car chase and cop smash mode. Three controls schemes. Sensitive tilt controls with integrated tilt sensor. Physics engine for extra. One Vs One racing. Death race track and drag race challenge. Free for all game. No internet or Wi-Fi required.
Operating System Android