Police Car : City Driving Simulator Stunts Game 3D

Police Car : City Driving Simulator Stunts Game 3D Is the best cop car driving game as the user will drive various cop cars. The user can apply various modifications to the car, user can apply new stickers, customized paints, sports kit and exhaust. The user can have the best modification to enhance the suspension, car and engine upgrade. The user will chase the criminal on the road of city as the robbers have robbed the city and now they are on escape. Stop the criminals from escaping the city as these drivers are driving high speed cars and they are highly skilful so they manage to maneuver through the roads. The cars are high speed as these cars are turbo boosted and nitro boosted so user need to match the levels of criminals and be prepared for high speed encounter. Jump of the stunt ramps and raised platforms to get ahead of the competitors. Have the realistic car controls with realistic speedometer, instrument cluster and steering wheel. The game revolves around the metropolis city police car driving, where user takes the responsibility to save the city from dangerous gangsters, criminal, robbers and mobsters and make it a peaceful city. Become police officer and complete the action filled missions and stunts to be one of the best police driver. You can drive around, do stunts or simply drive around and smash other cars up. Taking the role of the police, you drive around the city in a fast police car racing around the city. Drive around the city in your police car look for the bad guys that have escaped the prison. Prisoners have escaped the local jail. Equip yourself with the best cars and ammo to keep yourself safe in this crime city. Explore a huge open city environment and do whatever you like, go reach the top of the tallest skyscrapers by jumping from rooftop ramps, Explore the open world and find hundreds of collectibles hidden around, collect them to unlock even more special vehicles to drive. Following are the highlighting features of the game: Realistic Open World Metropolis City Environment. High Definition HD Display. Highly Simulated Car Controls. Most Equipped Police Car with realistic Police navigator and siren. Dynamic Camera Angles of the city. Multiple Camera Views for the driver. Various Visual Effect (VFX) to make it more advance. Realistic Sound (SFX) to give user real experience. The game has amazing processing rate and FPS rate. Drive best modern and classic cop cars. Eliminate gangs from the city. Drive the car in world famous cities and have the best experience of open world. This is endless city go wherever you want to go.
Operating System Android