Police chase Traffic Race pro

Get your car rolling on the highway at full speed, while moving through the heavy and busy traffic. Police Chase Traffic Racer is the exciting and dynamic racing simulator. In the game you have to drive your car through the traffic and collect the coins on the step of your way, and avoid hitting the traffic, otherwise the game will be over. Police Chase Traffic Racer is the mission based game with multiple levels, and you will be given a specific task in every mission. At the start of every mission you will ask to complete the required distance and collect the given number of coins, or else the mission will be considered as failed. Once you complete the task, you will advance to the next level. On completion of each mission, you will be awarded coins. With these coins you can buy new cars and also enhance the performance of your car by customizing and upgrading the car. Beware of police car right behind you, or else you will get busted.There are a number of cars you can choose at the start of the game, go for the super-speedy car with the enhanced performance. The better car you choose, you will be able to complete the distance by consuming the less possible distance. The earlier you reach to the final stop, the more bonuses you will get. Try to collect all the coins and do not skip a single coin. With the high definition graphics Police Chase Traffic Race will certainly provide you the much-enhanced racing experience that you were searching all along.How to play:
Price USD 2.99
License Purchase
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.