Slot Race - Double Track

Fantastic Slot Car Racing game, related to the 80's and 90's popular toy - slot cars.The most simple, single-tap gameplay. Touch the screen to accelereate, release to break.The goal is to drive as fast as the car can and do not get out of the track on the road turn.There are four different tracks and six unique cars to discover. Collect all stars to unlock all of them.Six CARS:* Reaver- not too fast, but always available and good to learn.* Tidecaller- it has poor acceleration, but max speed is better. Car handling has raised also!* Lighting - unlock for difficult tracks - good car handling and well top speed.* Bane- considerable acceleration comes along with average handling.* Flash - an orange beast with best acceleration.* Acid - best wheels in the garage! All properties at highest level!Five RACETRACKS:*Canyon - quick tutorial.* East Mountains - simple and not too winding track. Good to learn.* Great Desert - hot and sunny location with two big loops. Watch out on sky bends!* Medieval Camp - pursue near the ancient castle. Some big loops and hummerheads.* Tundra - snowy location. Many of loops and turnouts. Drive very carefully!Two GAME MODES:* Arcade - compete with high speed computer opponent. Break the records on every lap.* Endless - train you driving skills all day long.
Operating System Android